Brett: Let's just assume she's Lindsay Weir, all grown up. I felt like they tried to give Portman something to do with Jane but it's just kind of boring and a bit forced -- like I hate that whole bit when she punches him and says "that's for New York" -- like that feels really false to me and trying to "be cool" and just feeling tone deaf and not landing. The characters are all so enjoyable; I would watch two hours of them just hanging out in a S.H.I.E.L.D. I mean, I always knew I was going to see it because of Black Widow, but who on earth could have guessed that this would emerge as one of the best, if not the best of the MCU films. I was giddy. I think as a result of way too much stuff/too little time some of the beats just didn't land for me. I know people are split on the whole Mandarin thing but I thought it was a super smart way to address a potentially racist and dated character and give a modern context that made sense. Brett: I love Jane Foster. Kelly: You know, I locked mine in before looking at yours and even though we didn't VS! I loved their fight too, with her one-move-to-stop-them-all that disarms him and gets her around his neck in a millisecond. Kelly Thompson and Brett White debate the merits of all eleven MCU films to date and ask you to pick your favorite. That's (other than Pepper being amazing) my favorite scene in the whole movie and it cost a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that final big set piece. Fans on both sides can debate the pros and cons of Marvel and DC's past and upcoming film slate, as well as whether shared universe characters should all get origin films before a team-up, but there's no question that this back and forth between the comic giants, along with their parent studios, has continually raised the bar in spectacle (as well as overall quality) for the genre as a … Brett: I'm obsessed with the idea of editing all of Black Widow's appearances in four -- four -- movies into one film. The great marvel cinematic universe debate. I think this movie fleshes out both Darcy and Jane in great ways -- and it also led to Portman starting a women in STEM charity! Okay, so... "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014). Kelly: Yes, so much. I think sometimes I enjoy having a dialogue with myself about the movie while I'm watching the movie? Brett: Even I, with my quirky taste in men, can agree that Hemsworth is the Hemsworthiest of the Hemsworths. So, this one is actually going to be really low on my list in the final analysis. Let me get real controversial here and say that Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke are easily two of my absolute favorite Marvel movie villains. Argument Potential: You want to c… So yeah, for me, despite some strong bits here and there, this one is definitely a miss. This, I admit! It's even more impressive in retrospect for being the first, and we have it to thank for basically everything that has come since then. Quizás algunas se encuentren injustamente relegadas por dos monstruos como Marvel Comics y DC Comics, aún así hay que admitir que son estas dos las editoriales que … Using DebateIsland's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use online debate website, you can debate politics, debate popular topics, debate news, or debate anything in a large community of debaters. List of Debate Topics (300+) A democracy without effective citizenry for large sections of the political community is democracy only for the few. I mean, sure, he officially damsels Pepper, but then he un-damsels her in the biggest way possible by having Tony tragically (and just so emotionally! Let the opinion bullets fly (â„¢ and © Brett White for that one, guys). Best marvel debate topics. I would gladly watch a movie with just the Science Team and the Warriors Three & Friends. So I was rightfully blown away by her fight scene at the end of the movie. Selecting debate topics is one of the most important parts of debating. Dc is way more tragic than marvel and to people who are just basing a choice on the movies go to the comics and you ll see ur wrong but at the end of the day a good movie or comic is. A good debate topic is one that lets the participants and the audience learn about both sides of an issue. 3 DONALD TRUMP JK THAT'S EVERY DAY TRANSGENDER BAN IN MILITARY Right or Wrong? "Iron Man" (2008)... where all our collective superhero doors were blown off. library or Nick Fury's apartment or an Asgardian magic shop. Kelly: Origin stories are not my favorite -- one of the reasons that "Iron Man" and "Thor" appeal to me more than "CA" I think is because even though they are technically origin stories they feel less like origin stories. Marvel studios is certainly top dog in the comic book movie game right now and it would make sense that the company that created the characters would know best how to use them on the big screen. Back on message! that scene when he misses her hand! Kelly Thompson is the author of the novels "The Girl Who Would be King" and "Storykiller." At this point I should just get a T-shirt made that says "none of that stuff bothered me." Marvel Fans Debate Who Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Play in MCU - Adam Barnhardt. Brett: This passage made me choke up a little because I'm that invested in their partnership as depicted in this movie. It was a revelation. I'll leave it up to Google to answer this for me. This experience was electric and satisfying for that very reason: the jokes. Brett: Right, because Dum Dum Dugan is in that movie! Brett: See, this is why the Internet is so fascinating to me, because in my social media feeds, I'm in the minority of people that just think it's okay! I do think the Seoul mission with Cap, Widow and Clint fulfills the smaller battle quota, though; I love how much of an efficient bad ass Natasha is in that scene, single handedly saving proto-Vision in a way that is specific to her training. That said, you might be able to introduce those characters if you weren't also trying to introduce the Infinity Gauntlet concept, and the entire nation of Wakanda, and everything else that's jammed in here with the kitchen sink. For me, this is still probably going to make my top five. There were some good jokes, but not as many as before (or they didn't land as well at least, and the Prima Nocta bit was seriously bad form, especially in a movie so dominated by men -- most people didn't get that joke and those that did didn't seem to find it funny, I know I didn't). I mean, I can't deny him because Chris Pratt, but I also feel so much of his pain and find him so captivating and endearing -- but I could also write a thousand words about how he's problematic and indicative of a larger trend in fiction to glorify promiscuous menchilds... menchildren? Marvel Comics … He's all charisma and abs and hair and it's just ridiculous. DEBATE TOPICS MARVEL vs DC Which is better? Notable of course for introducing Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow -- I believe our collective favorite MCU superhero, yes? I do genuinely like Liv Tyler, maybe because of "Empire Records" reasons, and I would flip right out if we ever got her as Red She-Hulk in anything.
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