0 0. This name has been around for years but it still gets a great laugh to this day when someone hears the name "snugger fit" for the first time. I’d creep myself out doing that. Source(s): stores buy snug fit condoms: https://tr.im/eEgqs. Here’s our process. “Tapered” is another word I’ve seen for the smaller girth ones in stores too. Material: Latex Lubrication: Yes Reservoir Tip: Yes Shape: Fitted Width: 1.9″ (49mm) Length: 7″ (180mm) Thickness: between 0.060mm and 0.080mm (0.0024” – 0.0031”) Recommended for penis girth of: 4.4″ – 4.7″ (11.1-12 cm). 4.3 out of 5 stars 124 ratings | 3 answered questions Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. Condoms come in many shapes and sizes. I don’t see ultra fit in many of them. When I was a teenage Target cashier, ca. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. In 2012 he published the e-book called 'How to Find Your Perfect Condom' which is still available on Amazon, 10 Condoms with Extra Head Room For Extra Comfort, Disposing A Condom Plus The Environmentally Conscious Condom Options, Condom Size Chart With Snug, Regular & Large Size …, 8 Condoms Without Reservoir Tip To Try Out, Cornstarch Lube- A Safe and Effective DIY Lube Option. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed buying a trojan condom as its regular size at a store but if i go and buy one of those iron grip or lifestyle snugger fit… well that would be very embarrassing. Sagami Original 001 Box 5 (39) US $19.95. I’m average or larger by all accounts: as reported by my sex partners, as observed in porn and at nudist events, and by all statistics I’ve read. If you have a penis that is on the smaller side, you could use the LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom to take advantage of a good-quality product. In some places, they still are, because of rampant shoplifting. Seriously though, ISTR that one of the online vendors has a measuring tape-thing, and you can buy tailored condoms specifically for your length and girth. Best Vegan Lube: Reviews, Buying Tips & …, Lubricated for sensitivity, comfort, extra glide, and heightened sensation, Tested over three times to ensure that they satisfy US standards and reliability, Reservoir tip for added safety and comfort, Designed to give a natural feeling and added stimulation, Ultra-sensitive with a natural feeling and unique shape. With a smaller, unique contoured shape that fits like a glove, this condom will feel perfect if your penis girth falls in the above mentioned range. Roll them on correctly, so they’re airtight, and get into the habit of holding the base of the condom onto your penis in any position where it feels like it might slide off. 12 Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms; Tighter Shape for Maximum Sensitivity Similar Items. I’d never think to examine your condom selection for size, flavor, scent, etc. I’m also not young and I don’t want to mention my age as that is going to be very embarrassing. Also… will these have to be purchased online? That should be fine? . Other websites offer exclusively small condoms and snugger fit condoms. Alternatively, you can buy online from Japanese companies, they tend to be a … more sung fit. Get to a local store like a pharmacy or grocery store (with a good section) and spend some time looking around. I was one of the few people who didn’t think it was extremely funny. Best Snug Fit: Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit at Amazon "For a snugger fit." (the length isn’t so important unless you’re some kind of tripod). It has a length of 178mm/7”, a base width of 49mm/1.92” and thickness of 0.07mm/0.0027”. LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT Condoms - 50 condoms Brand: Ansell Limited. You may not need as small a style as you think. Purchase Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms online at Top Condoms Canada and receive free, discrete shipping. (Sizes may vary by a few millimeters. Feel more of her so she can feel more of you. Different sizes which can be tried for fit with an erection. Slightly smaller width and length than regular sizes Lv 5. LifeStyles Condoms is a brand of condoms made by the former Australian company Ansell Limited, previously known as Pacific Dunlop Limited. It is made of a high-quality latex and lubricated for your comfort and sensitivity. Condoms aren’t tailored and don’t need to be. Another retail person here, and my assigned part of the store is where the condoms are. Learn More › Featured Condom KING. I mean, what’s the big deal? Best Value: Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated at Amazon "For an affordable price, you get 36 lubricated latex condoms." Small condoms (also known as snugger fit or smaller condoms) are smaller than the average condom, usually in width. You might want to try this condom if you or your partner is having problems with condom slippage. Amazon.in: Buy Snugger Fit Condoms - 12 Smaller online at low price in India on Amazon.in. King Tut. Best for First Time: Kimono MicroThin RIBBED AND SENSI-DOT Condoms at Walmart "A reliable, easy-to-use condom." A high-quality lubricant is also used for enhanced enjoyment and extra glide. LifeStyles Skyn The best average-fit condom. Learn More › Featured Condom Ultra Sensitive. Like beautyjunke says, Lifestyle makes the Snuffer Fitting condoms. You deserve a condom fit for someone of your, well, stature. Where do you buy these or it has to be online? Some of the key features of the LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms include: With LifeStyles Snugger Fit, you no longer have to feel embarrassed or awkward when shopping for small sized condoms. Fit you are wider than 5.15 inches (130mm), select XL or KYGN. Snugger fit are shorter and narrower than standard condom. It was very tight on my average girth and left a tight red mark around 2 inches up the shaft. Definitely worth trying if you have a smaller penis. However I haven't been able to find them in the drugstores anymore! http://www.condom-sizes.org/condom-size-chart/condom-size-chart#small. I bought some sort of variety pack through Adam and Eve that had every size imaginable and colors, flavors, etc. These are the tightest fitting condoms offered by Lifestyles. I remember trying on Lifestyles Snugger Fit (which you should still be able to buy discretely from probably a million different sites). These websites carry many types of snugger fit condoms. Sagami Original 001 Box 5 ... LifeStyles Snugger Fit LifeStyles Snugger fit are lubricated, teat-ended, flared shape, natural rubber latex condoms. I also recall the regular lifestyles that were always given away for free at school seemed to fit on the tighter side compared to other average brands. Check out Snugger Fit Condoms - 12 Smaller reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Amazon.in. Length: 7.64″/194 mm. … 10 years ago. :mad: I’m also not young and I don’t want to mention my age as that is going to be very embarrassing. We’d never be able to guess your age, Peter38.
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