Make sure to put on your latex gloves to prevent the dye from coloring your hands. The shades are infused with a multi reflective finish, which gives a perfect tone to the hair. Formulated with innovative dyes, it is available in various shades to color and covers the hair that is grey. All are intermixable for an endless variety of shade results. Apply Formula 1 to the regrowth, using fine horizontal sub-sections. 1 choice in permanent color. SOCOLOR permanent hair color is the ultimate portfolio for color expression. In honor of the launch, Matrix is hosting “Battle of the Blondes.” To compete, simply create a blonde look using these SOCOLOR shades and upload the image to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #blondescontest. 6RV SOCOLOR features innovative Cera-OilTM Conditioning Complex: • Cera-OilTM Conditioning Complex continuously conditions for up to 30 shampoos. Non-US consumers should visit the country website serving their region. Pick up a generous amount of the Matrix Color Sync hair dye with the tint brush and apply it all over your hair. 3VR + 1oz. SOBOOST are shades that can be mixed with the SoColor and ColorSync Collections to create soft pastel tones or applied full strength to pre-lightened hair for bold, vivid effects. Matrix SoColor Permanent Cream Hair Color 3 oz. Finally, Matrix SoColor does such a great job of coloring gray hairs. • HexaForce polymer, due to its small size, penetrates the cortex of the hair. If you want to tone down brassy highlights, blend away gray or add lowlights, Color Sync can help. Section the hair into even quadrants. To ensure even coverage, cross-check by taking vertical sections. consistently stunning results from stylists' no. Because it is positively charged, the polymer is attracted to damaged sites (which are negatively charged). 4RV +10vol= blackberry1oz.5RV + 1oz. Matrix Socolor Dream Age Permanent Hair Color uses modern technology to cover 50-100% of grey hairs. By signing up, I agree to receive emails from Matrix and other L'Oréal brands and programs. All submissions must be turned in by June 30 for a chance at an all-expense paid trip to Matrix 2016 Destination Imagination! Matrix’s SoColor, a permanent hair color, covers gray and lifts hair color without using bleach, which is less damaging to hair. 3VR + 20vol.= boysenberry1oz.5RV + 5VR + 20vol.= raspberry10z. The product makes hair soft and silky. it provides excellent grey coverage, subtle to dramatic blonde shades and vibrant, long lasting reds. As mentioned, it is the only hair product that some salons use, which alone should speak for itself. Matrix ULTRA BLONDE Socolor Cream Hair Color 3oz (UL-AA) Although this colour isn't meant to be like a bleach I had expected it to give my hair a little bit more of a boost than it did. Matrix SoColor is a part of the Matrix hair coloring lines. This site is intended for US consumers. Mix the Matrix Color Sync applicator with the dye, using the tint brush, in a plastic bowl until the mixture is uniform. SOCOLOR FORMULAS-For levels 3-4:1oz. Shop SalonCentric, the premier Beauty distributor for licensed salon professionals. Color Sync is an ammonia-free hair system with a patented ceramide conditioner to keep hair healthy and shiny. A brilliantly colorful palette that goes beyond grey coverage to impress your clients and keep hair strong. Matrix socolor dark brown matrix socolor beauty luminous shine. Formula 2: 1 oz Color Sync 10P + 1 oz Color Sync 8P + 2 oz 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer Formula 3: 2 oz Color Sync SPV + 2 oz 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer 1. How To Use Matrix SoColor.
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