I sweat so much my clothes were ringing wet and I barely made it to the elevator, don’t need surgery yet look what the thought of it did to me, almost made me die just thinking about it. I cannot believe this is happening to me.. why? But truth be told, I don’t remember what it’s like not to feel it. This is one of the most horrifying experiences that one can go through. 1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I feel you Kevin. Sometimes it’s my whole body. No side effects, legal, and fairly cheap. Has anyone here considered the following as possible treatment options? It happened last night. Two days latter…and it’s gone. – I went for this 5th? you stated that when you prayed you feel better so going through meditation and yoga will help certainly. – heavy headed, but equally at times light headed and head rush After that, I was able to determine how I could live with it and work towards resolving it (still in progress). When I was able to learn to be okay with having the sensation and comfortable with it through desensitization, I found I was no longer hyper-vigilant to the sensation and thus did not constantly notice it. Here recently I have caught myself locking my jaw which I believe is also from anxiety. Have you been to the doctor to ask for help with your anxiety? Please Jon, keep us posted on how you are doing. Cipramil is a commitment that you must take everyday and it takes about 6 weeks to reduce the anxiety – Do not increase or stop it without talking to your doctor first. The MRI also came back normal but he recommended me to a Hearing and balance center in Tampa. In April of this year, I all of a sudden experienced this acute symptom of swaying and feeling as though I am about to fall off a cliff. Post-concussion syndrome is a set of symptoms that can occur after a head injury. I was really stressed over Christmas and now three days later.. here I am suffering, in a delayed response fashion, with floating feeling, high anxiety, chronic thirst, restless legs and a sore throat! Avoid stimulants. What might the floating sensation being alerting me too? When I’m having these episodes, I read your article and helps me understand a lot more and helps me accept it. I have been practicing visualizing the energy around my brain and SLOWLY moving it down my body, through my feet and into the ground. WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO ALL THESE PEOPLE ON THIS PAGE?SPECIALLY TRISH,DID ANYONE FIND A CURE OR A RELIEF..JUST WONDERING BECAUSE NO ONE HAS POSTED ANYTHING.. From what I know, no one has found a cure. The FAQ section of the post lists everything that people have tried testing for and I suggest you look through that if you want to know what else to test. I’m sorry but it isn’t the worms. 2 years before suddenly i felt when am relax on bed or still sit anywhere I felt am floating like just like I am on boat Hi John. Thank you for sharing a bit of where you’re at. I consider myself a healthy person prior to this eating paleo for a living I’m 5 11 and 140 lbs and am young so why am I experiencing this… I travel for work Mon – Thursday. I got allergy/parasite testing done, i went to the dermatologist, the internist, etc. Thank you for your advice, DestiNova. We refer to it as “the Nascar of Columbus” and you have to be on your toes constantly because those people drive down through there like idiots. He says that it might be my eyes and or my nerves that’s causing it. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3, Rustic … It was something really new and it felt like i was dying. Symptoms include vertigo, where the person feels that the world is spinning around them; nausea and vomiting; some loss of hearing; ear pain, sometimes with drainage from the ear canal; and ringing in the ears (tinnitus.). Hi there..This information propably wont help many as we are all different anatomically with different triggers that sets us of from food intolerance like gluten, lactose, stress and anxiety, mould allergies etc.. Hi Trish, I can say I have a very low level of anxiety now, being a couple months since posting this. Keep your head straight when you walk and turn corners like a ballet dancer when she does her turns. And when you got a bite ? There is nothing wrong with you! Let me know your thoughts on this subject! For that reason, I do get overstimulated when there is a lot of light. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. I have not been great lately with all this stuff. A friend told me that nasal spray over time will make a hole in the nasal area and it is connected to the ears which controls balance. Congrats Wayne on all the great things that are happening in your life! Ive had anxiety since I was 14 im now 47 and for most of the time ive kept it in check but last couple years has been very stressful and after waking up one morning very dizzy it caused me to panic, turns out i had inflamed ear but the panic had started and for the last couple of months ive lived in constant anxiety. I didn’t know why, what, or how. Hang in there! If the dizziness occurs with severe headache, vision changes, trouble speaking, or paralysis, take the patient to the emergency room or call 9-1-1. From Xanax to valium to Klonopin. I don’t feel like im myself anymore like im floating inside my body. Let us know how you are doing. Two years since I first started floating, which lead me down the path of panic attacks but also got me to realise and admit that I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. It is spelt both ways. One afternoon I was at the store and the whole world turned upside down. Sometimes it paralyzes me. I expect that it will take year(s) to resolve the vertigo IN MY CASE due to the fact that I have 50+ more ailments that I deal with (fall under auto-immune diagnoses in allopathy so “your body is attacking itself and there is no cure”.) Well for some people the reaction might not be the same. This dizziness has been constant now for months. I’m currently in the process of weaning myself off the medication, but the withdrawal has been horrendous. This is right on! It would come and go for years (the floating) whenever I was under stress. verry weird.. Because new comments are always added to the end of the thread. We have a plethora of very helpful information to help you along with local doctors to recommend to see who do know about this rare condition. I do take an anti-anxiety but it do not help to reduce the floating. This is hard, hard work and takes the courage of a warrior. i feel that i had a cancer that is uncurable. And maybe this is also the reason why I always feel so incredibly good after having been in weightlessness. I have just gone through it and have not tried going back up to my previous dose to see if the floating improves. My gut tells me that the floating is the result of the tension/pressure is my head/jaw/neck and that is a result of traumatic events. Thank you all for sharing such important information and the valuable feedback. I have been diagnosed with vestibular migraines. Good luck, reduce stress and walk in a strait line as much as possible L ) For me it is 24×7 when it a state of anxiety. It feels like you are a buoy in the water; sometimes the water has light ripples and the buoy moves up and down, side to side at a slow constant pace, and sometimes it is stormy and the buoy is thrown about in all directions. The "floating" sensation or "tilting/sinking" sensation occurs when my neck / arms are tensing up my neck. You do have the power to adapt to it. I do daily meditations and chakra clearing and nothing helps. “It’s kind of like playing one of those small, handheld pinball games,” says Bell, “tipping it right and left, trying to get the silver ball through the maze.”. I really do appreciate hearing from you because one of the reasons I wrote this post was to find others who experienced something similar. Since that day Everyday I wake up with light floating legs and arms. I cannot handle caffeine sugar or alcohol anymore. They say my anxiety and migraines are the cause after doing their testing. Sometimes i eat only once a day when i am really busy. out with the negativity and in with positive energy and positive attitude fight for you sanity and keep strong words for everyone life is short never give up work hard and fight hard believe in your inner self breathe and live…. It gets better with time and sometimes it comes back. I came through it though. That’s amazing Nemanja! And therapy may be helpful if you have someone to talk to your fears about this. Thank you for sharing with us, Shakira. I don’t know what’s causing this. he explains his problem as the nerves are floating inside the stomach and spine along with upper back. Recently I had a bad plane/cruise experience coupled with a change with my job and commuting on the train which gave me anxiety. Find your safe haven, stay away from stressful people and take ear drops for the ear infections. thanks Gwen that is some nice inspiration words i practice that everyday as anxiety causes alot of negativity and fear leading to obsessing or OCD which is some issues i am having with stay within your day. I just want to feel like myself again. It will change your life. The test is 300 bucks and my insurance didn’t cover it. I have done balancing exercises to gain back my confidence in my ability to stay balanced: tree pose, balancing on one leg with my eyes open, balancing on one leg with my eyes closed (a lot harder). I remember having this light feeling before falling asleep quite often, but it never felt like dying. The challenge at that point in coming off would have been fear of relapse so it would still be challenging but the chemical dependency would have been less because the longer we stay on the meds the harder it is to get off. Thank you so much for taking out time to reply. Thanks man! When I have a bad vertigo episode, I get bad spins when I lay down and turn to either side. I first got this sensation about 5 months ago suddenly at work. I had an ear infection in last December and my ear started ringing after that. Tinnitus occurs when nerves within the ear are damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noise or to certain drugs. You’ve gone through the standard brain tests (MRI, CAT Scan, EEG, etc.) Affirmations and Higher power belief helped but it was not enough. Did you get any relief Hannah? Hi Ekkie, DestiNova here. – Balance testing Please suggest me what should i do and if there is any sort of testing is available which can be done to get the disease diagnosed if there is any. I have a constant headache. I have found EFT/Matrix Reimprinting to be very helpful to me, including reducing my anxiety and negative feelings about having the floating sensation. Good luck everyone and what a friend used to say to me “tranquil”. Of course in your case, I do not know if it is related to your injury, anxiety or both. (fairly frequent) Thank you so much for your comment. I am not sure that everyone who talks about floating in these comments all have the same cause. I got a blood test a few weeks ago for potential b12 and folate and iron deficiency but my b12 was actually higher than normal. Dear Gwen, But essentially what allows me to resolve it so quickly is knowing what triggers it. I’ve had people tell me they would like to feel like they are floating all the time because it feel like you do when you’re high. Even feeling pretty anxious and sucky right now, I wouldn’t take it back. I wasn’t relaxed at all. I in time learnt to not be so afraid of the dizziness. Thank you for your concern, Colby. I feel like the dizziness I feel on a daily basis is what triggers the rest of my anxiety symptoms. What I need from others who do not experience the sensation is their ability to be open and listen to me talk about it without writing it off or feeling threatened because it’s something they can’t comprehend nor can they fix it through unsolicited advice. differential Diagnosis so far- Labyrinthitis, neuronitis, anxiety, sinusitis, cervicogenic dizziness, meds I take – anti histamines, nose spray anti inflammatory if required – they help somewhat, magnesium and zinc Cause of depersonalization start . – The inner ear + eyes system is responsible for balance. There isn’t much more I can suggest other than what is included in the post. my panick attack came from being worried about the responsibility of having to drive during rush hour (i dont drive much anymore), and i focused on it til it zenithed on top of a very large bridge! OH MY GOD!! – given Lexapro – it made things worse as i am not able to sleep(my only “getaway”). I and my freind have taken to rounds of meds to kill these bastards, it will take probably 2 or 3 more. Please allow yourself the time to adjust to this — self-compassion goes a long way when it comes to something so petrifying like floating. Thank you! Finally one evening while walking and constantly experiencing this floating sensation i found my self not being able to breathe and felt really tight in my chest. I think that is very common for most people here. This woman said she experienced it for over 4 years and she had all the same symptoms as me. That is how I feel right now. I recommend strongly that, if you have not already, go to your doctor and explain to s/he what’s going on. Well this past summer, August to be exact it spiraled me into clinical depression, not out of sadness. They look crazy because at first glance, it seems like the table is standing up on strings instead of on solid legs. Wow EKKIE, thank you so much for leaving so much information. the mind is very powerful and can literally control your physical being. My neck is in bad shape (fused C5/6 years ago) but my chiropractor has gotten me so that I have more mobility and no pain. I actually did go to the hospital in an ambulance once because of it. I used to do the exercise you described to gain the confidence I needed to assure myself that the floating did not influence my balance. Me too Victoria. So I just wanted to say what a great comfort your post is and it makes me feel less alone. My symptoms included almost all of the symptoms Trish mentioned above. Start being thankful for and in everything. Yes. I comes so fast and stays so long. Also rapid heart beat and light hallucinations as you call them. I’ve lost hope but I have just have to keep going. I have made some big steps, but this floating feeling is a predominant sensation that has been very disturbing. But I cannot advocate for this approach until it works for me. Continue to do this practice until you begin to notice that the floating sensation is not as predominant. I however did not notice it right after that. Needless to say I’m still quite freaked out about my episode and hoping this is what happened. That’s great Tanja — I’m so glad you’re feeling more like yourself. As I understand it from your comments, you have done that. I just try to keep busy. Training Advice/Discussion. What’s more is that i initially had the pressure only on the left side of my head – a couple of days ago, it started on the right too and there is sometimes a prickly pain along with it/tenderness. It’s ok to be scared and anxious. It no longer FELT like it was impacting my balance. Once again, thank you for making me understand this feeling. It sounds like you are well aware of the disadvantages of going on an anti-anxiety (ativan). Of what you’re talking about . Great job!!!! Absolutely nothing was wrong with me physically. I start gym again next week. Others have done this through various alternative practices, meditation and anti-anxieties. Damage to the inner ear can include Meniere’s disease; the sand crystals in your ear canals getting loose and rattling around (which can be caused by severe blows to head historically, such as auto accident); nerve damage, usually associated with some hearing loss; etc. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für floating im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch). I started out with anxiety and was put on psyche drugs and I responded opposite of what was to be with them. Lightheadedness or feeling faint 3. I did not click the stress with it until later. The results were shocking! I have been through a lot of trippy things in my life and the floating sensation is in the top 3 of my all time horrific experiences. I am now off it for about one year and now it’s back again. I too feel that I would know how the benzo does or does not effect the floating/vertigo by going off the benzo completely and I am slowly working to do that. The medication helped so much, but it’s so hard to get off of once you feel you can manage your anxiety on your own. Buoy Health’s services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do you have someone you trust to talk to about this — a therapist maybe? – Another neurologist lady had a stroke, lost the ability to put pixels together to make the world/think, took years to regrow it, wrote My Stroke Of Insight to describe the journey. Much love to you, Trish, Hi All. I did experience something similar to you re the pot in that I had a bad mind trip and the floating started soon after. But av not been able to run or walk freely. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, Trish, nailed it with the MRI followed by the ENT and I still see a PT for balance training. It’s their own leg. When I’m on cash at work I don’t notice it as much till I walk away sometimes different places I walk through. The worms built up becuase my immune system was shot. They did radiation 10 times on her, its helped with the cancer tumor in her lung, but not enough to save her. Hello. When I’m walking I feel like I’m going to fall over but somehow keep going. It has been said to me that the floating sensation I experience could be part of a dissociative disorder. Hi Lyssa. BPPV may eventually resolve on its own. Then the heat in the back of my head. I don’t think you will have them for the rest of your life. Hey Trish, someone else who struggles with similar feelings told me it was called “Chronic Subjective Dizziness,” have you heard of that? Shop your style at Shopbop.com! I have been away from home for 2 weeks and the difference is NIGHT and DAY! Hi everyone, i’ve been meaning to leave a comment for a while now. (I know, just try to keep an open mind). Thanx Trish for urus reply.I want to ask I that do have any other symptoms of anxiety as well or not? My nutritionist friend gave me this tip. I have the home reports also i had a MYCROTOXIN lab analysis done. I was put on a diuretic & began to take physical therapy to treat the imbalance I felt because of the high fluid in my inner ear. Then i went to a chiropractor for back pain which didn’t help either and i started getting these head symptoms a week after adjustments. I will review my summary at the bottom of the post to make sure I have included long term vitamin deficiency as something for people to consider. All of my other labs came back normal. But it had nothing to do with the floating sensation, at least not for me. Did something happen that was very anxiety-provoking and/or stressing right before the sensation started? I have dealt with “random, crazy, irrational thoughts or “visions”” before falling asleep. I mean what REALLY triggered it. It is incredibly hard to deal with and we all go through pain in different ways, finding different ways to cope. This website and these posts are so encouraging. I don’t want to see anyone or do anything. Possibly due to the damage to the nervous system..who knows. I noticed the stressful people along the day. And I don’t want them to. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and affirm we are not alone in this. I am also very grateful that your Fiance has someone like you–who understands–to support her through this. I have undeniable proof if you would like to see it! Again this is just my experience I know people are different. I myself had experienced the same thing years ago when i was in high school, and the feeling subsided. It may be — and please remember I’m not a doctor — but it may be that your eyes/sight are overcompensating to tell your brain that you are not floating and that in reality, you are solid and/or your environment is not making you float. Which means i may be affected MENTALLY. I have suffered from migraines for many years and have mild degenerative disc disease in my neck and low back. At one point I was trying to answer a question about how I felt we should address certain situations and I started feeling floaty. My doctor calls this fibromyalgia which isn’t curable. It is horrible and no one really seems to know what’s going on — medical professionals and in my case, alternative medicine practitioners. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I visited doctors and they said it’s vertigo but when I visited ENT we got my MRI done and they said everything was normal there is nothing wrong with my ear or balance except for Deviated Nasal Septum (which I’ll have to get operated to get it straight) In Response to Julie and Trish’s last comment: I am 25 years old and have had this floating feeling off and on for about four years now.
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