DS Arms ~ SA58 FAL Rifle ~ .308 Win. The rifle handled very well, shot well, was well balanced, and had very little recoil. Buy a DSA Rifles (DS Arms) FAL type online. These .308 rifles allow you to own a High Quality New rifle used by Military's all over the world. The dread of the thousand-year Reich is replaced by the ever-extending tentacles of … DS Arms or DSA builds the famous FN FAL rifle in the US using state of the art manufacturing techniques. DS Arms FAL .308WIN 20 Round Polymer Magazine Description. Sell your DSA Rifles (DS Arms) FAL type for FREE today! Out of stock. DS ARMS $80.56. Currently available in two different lengths.The SA58 Metric full length Gas system M-lok interface handguard (021FAS-ML-A) and the SA58 metric short length gas system M-lok interface handguard (021FASC-ML-A) For a brief time a hybrid rifle using both American and foreign made parts was made but it was quickly discontinued in favor an all American made parts. DS Arms Sa58 Scope Mount BLK. Be the first to know about our promotions, sales and discounts The FAL platform has been used for decades across the globe and is widely praised for its performance. ALWAYS Target Practice & Train First then Drink a COLD GUN CRAFT BEER!NEVER THE OTHER WAY AROUND! The result was a semi-automatic-only FAL rifle with a great deal of character and charm. THANK U Ooman Femafive for the GR8 Shot of your New DS Arms inc. FAL ! “The history of the FN FAL is replete with stories of hard men who chose the 7.62x51mm NATO-chambered rifle, officially Fabrique Nationale’s Fusil Automatique Léger or ‘Light Automatic Rifle,’ when lives depended on their successes.” tactical-life.com‘s intro to their review of the DS ARMS SA58 PARA isn’t the most elegant piece of writing I’ve ever read. After receiving Israel's surplus FAL parts kits, the staff at DS Arms sorted through the components and picked out the best, most-pristine components from … Out of stock Compare. Compare. Metal Condition: Excellent with a few scratches Bore Condition: Excellent The first couple of times I shot the FAL, it was just to make sure the rifle shot ok – “yep, it shoots” kind of thing. DSA FAL rifles are just like the original FAL and original parts will interchange. DS Arms SA58 FAL Pistol, Semi-automatic, 308 Win/762NATO, 8" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Black Finish, SAW Pistol Grip, 20Rd, w/Sig Arm Brace SA58825PISTOLBRC-A MSRP: $1,895.00 $1,655.54. This is the DS Arms FAL .308WIN 20 Round Polymer Magazine. DS Arms (with the “D” and the “S” standing for Dave Selvaggio, the company’s founder and president) has a long history with the FAL pattern rifle, having begun roughly 20 years ago as an importer of FAL parts, kits and accessories. A very small number of Israel semiauto FAL rifles were imported in the late 1980s, and they are very scarce in the United States today – or they were, until DS Arms acquired a supply of Israeli light-barrel parts kits and began assembling them into complete rifles to sell. The DSA SA58 is an FAL The DSA SA58 is simply DSA's version of the FAL. DS Arms is pleased to release their new FAL Fusion Magazine after years of design & testing. DSA Rifles (DS Arms) FAL type for sale and auction. Gun Review: DS Arms Rebuilds IMBEL FAL Rifle Custom built by DS Arms for the author, this IMBEL FAL-style rifle was made from a combination of U.S.-made and original Brazilian parts. The DS Arms Range Ready Series of SA58 FAL Rifles was built and configured to get you on the range and shooting right out of the box! This durable polymer magazine is constructed of glass filled reinforced next generation polymer with a stainless steel spring. I was curious from anybody that has any experience with the DS Arms FAL's if they work well with optics. Subscribe. 284 talking about this. It is in great overall condition. DSArms Inc. Is a class 07, 08, 10 manufacturer with SOT. DS Arms manufactures the FN FAL 7.62mm rifle system in the United States utilizing new tooling, … The year is 1951. This DS Arms SA58 Officer Grade Israeli FAL is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans of this classic, 20th-century battle rifle. The DS Arms SA58 I Series of pistols is an improved and enhanced development of the tried & true and very successful FAL rifle in caliber 7.62x51mm NATO. The jubilation of worldwide Allied victories is fading with the ominous realization that global totalitarianism hasn’t died, but merely shifted shape. HAPPY FAL BELGIAN BLACK ALE # NewYearsDay FRIDAY! REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST! The HOLIDAY Weekend Is Here So It's Time For GUN CRAFT BEER ! DS Arms SA58 FAL range report. Description: DS Arms has been producing a FAL here in the United States for a number of years. Then DS Arms began to produce their own receivers, parts and eventually all the parts to make a 100% American made FAL. and 01 Factory Showroom Proshop The venerable FN FAL battle rifle has been used all over the world going back more than half a century. I was talking to a gun shop guy and he was telling me that between a DS Arms FAL and an AR-10, if you are going to put an optic on the gun, you should go with the AR-10. My first impressions of the SA58 were very good. SOLD Caliber Info:.308 Win. DS Arms announced the roll out of their new M-LOK handguards for the FAL platform. DS Arms has announced their new Fal Fusion V2 poly magazines.DS Arms states The V2 features the new ultra rigid polymer reduces flex in all temperatures.This durable polymer magazine is constructed of glass filled reinforced next generation polymer with a stainless steel spring. One […] This magazine took design ideas from different FAL magazines from over the years and around the world! DS Arms SA58 Improved Battle Rifle – FAL Improved. The DS Arms SA58 is an FAL style rifle chambered in 7.62X51MM (.308). The FAL rifle, originally by Fabrique National de Herstal, is one of the most widely used rifles in history, having been used by more than 90 countries during the Cold War era. Seller Description. This SA58 FAL has a traditional profile barrel and fixed stock.
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