Also, consider your health status and that of other family members and pets. By clicking "Continue" you are agreeing to this use, in accordance with our. Supplementing calcium during pregnancy can lead to eclampsia post-whelping which is a severe disease resulting from calcium deficiency. Now, while dogs have been known to lap up the yolks and whites of raw eggs, there are some potential risk factors when it comes to feeding a dog raw eggs. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on earth. If a pregnant bitch is given supplementary calcium her body will not manage her own calcium levels and when the pups are born she will not be able to maintain her blood calcium levels and develop tremors, seizures and a slow heart rate, this is rapidly fatal if untreated. Our website uses cookies. Both diseases are zoonotic, so can be spread to humans through an infected dog’s faeces, vomit or saliva. As bacterial infection is possible, it may be safer to feed cooked egg. Although individual dogs have suffered disease from contaminated eggs, there have been no major outbreaks in dogs. Immunosuppressed people will also suffer severe disease. Egg yolks contain high levels of biotin so feeding a whole egg probably negates this effect. Well the good news is they are fine to feed to your dogs, lots of dogs love the taste of eggs and, they’re … It is important for your dog’s health that they receive a balanced complete food so they should not require extra calcium in their diet. Looking at the information above, while dogs can eat raw eggs, they likely shouldn’t. Consider this more carefully if your dog is unwell, very young or old. It will strength your dog’s coat and buildup his muscles. This means that raw eggs tend to … When thinking about raw eggs and dogs, the first and foremost concern is salmonella. Live Chat, to connect to other services such as our Facebook page and determine how people are using the website. They last about a month in the fridge. Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? What’s more, they’re an excellent addition to his diet! Severely affected dogs will need hospitalisation, intravenous fluid therapy and may need antibiotic therapy to prevent sepsis. Infection can lead to symptoms like diarrhea , fever, and stomach cramps—probably not worth the risk when scrambling them only takes a few minutes. In fact, cooked eggs are a wonderful source of protein, fatty and amino acids, riboflavin, and selenium. That they can build muscle fast, that they can help underweight individuals gain weight quickly, the list goes on. Perhaps chop up a recently boiled hard boiled egg or scrambled egg with no fat or spices added. Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Salmonella is the foremost culprit in bacterial contamination of raw eggs (2,3). Both bacteria can cause gastrointestinal disease ranging from mild nausea and abdominal discomfort to profuse vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. Furthermore, raw eggs also contain an enzyme that can impede on your dog’s ability to absorb biotin, which can lead to other health issues. (2012) Food research international 45 (2):745-754, Harker KS, Lane C, Gormley FJ and Adak GK. The biggest concern dog owners express is salmonella, which is a serious bacterial infection among humans. Because an enzyme in the eggs can … That discrepancy often has something to do with the way the egg in question is cooked and is less an example of raw eggs being healthier. So while the raw egg myths persist, they’re likely not going to serve your dog better than any cooked alternatives. This aids to avoid bacterial infection. Eggs should be stored below 200 C as this reduces the growth of the bacteria. Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. If you do want to feed eggshell to your dog it is best to grind it in a coffee grinder or blender so that he shards do not cause oral injury. It may make you wonder if raw eggs are a good choice for your dog. (2013) Cambridge University Press 2013, Neutering dogs - Bitch spay operation: a step by step guide, Ask a vet online - 'my dog only has one testicle down - what is the best age to have him neutered? But Can Dogs Eat RAW Eggs? Protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, dairy products, and soy products are common causes of allergies in dogs. There are also concerns that the protein avidin, contained in raw egg whites, can block biotin absorption. They’re a perfect protein source and easy to digest. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! Can dogs eat raw eggs? In fact, a study in Leuven, Belgium, found that protein absorption from raw eggs was only 50%, while cooked eggs absorbed at 90%. Temperature fluctuations encourage bacterial growth and penetration through the shell and egg membrane. Cooked eggs are safer for dogs as any contaminating bacteria are killed. Eggs are known for solving digestive problems in dogs but giving them raw, especially when the eggs are not chicken’s has caused a lot of serious health issues in the dogs. Also known as B7, biotin is a B complex vitamin that supports healthy digestion, metabolism, and skin and cell growth, so a deficiency in this nutrient could cause issues in your furry best friend. This bacteria can be anywhere in an egg that hasn’t been pasteurized, which is a good portion of those sold in grocery stores. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Wash the egg thoroughly before breaking and avoid purchasing loose, broken, cracked, or dirty eggs. Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Although most dogs can eat eggs, some of them could be allergic to this food item. Egg allergy is possible in the dog but rare. Eggs are the staple of a classic Australian brunch menu but dog owners are sometimes cautious about feeding them to their four legged friends. Initially, dogs may appear lethargic, lose their appetite and appear depressed. The danger of bacterial contamination is also sparsely corroborated. Feeding a lot of eggs can result in a particularly unpleasant side effect, flatulence. We use cookies to allow us to provide functions e.g. the risk of feeding a raw egg to a healthy dog infrequently is very small. Home » All Posts » Dogs » Can dogs eat raw eggs? Dogs (depending on their weight) can eat a cooked egg every day, as long as nothing else is added. Some people advocate feeding eggshell as a source of calcium for your dog. Yes, you can feed your dog raw egg. The symptoms of Salmonellosis in dogs are: While these aren’t the only symptoms Salmonellosis may cause, it’s a good idea to take a trip to the vet to have your dog tested. For this reason, we have included raw eggs as foods dogs can’t eat. Wash your hands after handling your dog or their excreta. Salt should be limited in your dog’s diet. Raw meat and bones diets for dogs: are they fab or are they a fad? Larger dogs are fine with 3 duck eggs per week. Eggs are very beneficial to dogs. The controversy over the feeding of raw eggs centres in the danger of bacterial contamination as opposed to any potential nutritional benefit lost by cooking. Sourcing your eggs from a free range, high welfare source protects the welfare of the hens and reduces the possibility of poor standards encouraging salmonella contamination. Overly Salted Foods Dogs can eat raw eggs. In reality, there are no problems related to using raw eggs as well. If a dog eats an egg contaminated by Salmonella bacteria, they run the risk of contracting Salmonellosis, an infection caused by the bacterium. The risk of salmonella infection combined with the fact that raw eggs aren’t more nutritious than cooked make raw eggs more trouble than they’re really worth. Most large-scale commercial egg producers in the UK adhere to a strict code of practice which virtually eliminates salmonella. “They can be a source of Salmonella. However, a dog’s stomach is much stronger and can handle the bacteria. Even very clean eggs can have it inside. Dogs with underlying conditions that suppress their immune systems, puppies and old dogs are more likely to contract severe disease if they eat a contaminated egg. Careful food hygiene and storage reduces the chance of contamination. Read on to learn the nutritional differences between raw and cooked eggs, and if raw eggs are right for your dog. Raw eggs aren’t safe at all. But what about raw eggs? They can eat raw eggs because it makes dogs have a Heathy diet and shiny and clean fur! '. Disinfect any areas which have been contaminated with vomit or diarrhoea. There is no evidence of nutritional benefit from feeding raw eggs, but there may be some degradation in vitamins and mineral content. Salmonella is also zoonotic, which means your dog can pass the infection on to you. First, contact your vet and pay special attention to hygiene. These eggs may not be subject to the same controls. While your dog likely won’t suffer from slurping up an egg you dropped in the kitchen, or eggs they’ve stolen from a nest outside, raw eggs shouldn’t become a staple of your dog’s diet. I have always given my dogs raw eggs. National outbreaks of Salmonella infection in the UK, 2000-2011. This temperature also preserves the yolk membrane, so fewer bacteria transfer into the rich food source of the yolk. But as we have already mentioned, you could effectively give food poisoning to your dog if you aren’t … In all other ways, however, a raw egg is nutritionally identical to a cooked egg. The highly acidic environment of their stomachs and bile content allows harmful bacteria, like salmonella, to safely pass through their digestive system without populating or causing any ill effects. Introduce eggs carefully and slowly into a dog’s diet to reduce this eye-watering effect. We have to be aware of canine calorie intake as dogs need fewer calories than we do; so adding treats to a balanced, complete diet can lead to obesity. If you want your dog to have eggs as part of their diet, it’s recommended to feed them cooked, without oil or seasoning. However, some eggs sold in the UK are imported and bought by wholesalers. While these studies are centered on humans, it’s not a large leap to assume that similar issues can arise in dogs, and that’s not even considering bacterial concerns. In reality the only possible (minimal) risk to dogs from eating raw eggs is that in large quantities a compound called avidin which is found in raw egg white can create a biotin (vitamin B7) deficiency in dogs, the symptoms of which include inhibited cell growth, inhibited fatty acid metabolism and loss of skin and coat condition. Wear gloves when cleaning up after them. Dogs shouldn't eat raw eggs, however, they can eat cooked eggs. Susan October 7th, 2014 at 9:44 am. Dogs who eat raw eggs or other food contaminated by Salmonella can shed it in their feces, potentially infecting people and other pets in the household. You might also be interested in reading “Can My Dog Eat Fried Eggs?” or “Can My Dog Eat Scrambled Eggs?”. Raw eggs are protein and this is very useful and nutritious to dogs. Here’s why: For starters, there’s a specific enzyme in raw eggs that can prevent the absorption of a B vitamin called biotin. There are many ways to introduce cooked eggs into your dog’s diet, including: There are also commercial treats that contain eggs, such as these crunchy egg and cheese dog treats. When feeding raw eggs to dogs, store them at a temperature between 44-56 degrees Fahrenheit. Are they somehow safer for dogs than humans? The truth is, yes, dogs can eat raw eggs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I had heard some of the warnings, too, but ignored them because years ago a vet advised one of my aunts to feed her dog raw eggs. A concern people have about giving their dog raw eggs is that they may contain salmonella. Salt: Limit. Although dogs can eat raw eggs in some cases, it is not really recommended. There are pet parents who feed their Fidos raw eggs as many as a couple of times per week or more. Eggs should also be brought to room temperature before cooking. If you want to feed raw eggs, then feeding one or two carefully sourced and handled eggs a week is unlikely to harm a healthy dog. RELATED: Best Gently Cooked Dog Food. They are a rich source of protein and calcium. Eggs are highly nutritious food, providing a vast range of highly digestible protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs and bones – the truth about canine health and safety. However, your dog’s digestive system will have some negative things when using too many eggs. Evenepoel P, Geypens B, Luypaerts A, Hiele M, Ghoos Y and Rutgeerts P. Digestibility of cooked and raw egg protein in humans as assessed by stable isotope techniques. While raw eggs aren’t a good nutritional option for dogs, cooked eggs remain protein powerhouses packed with loads of essential fatty and amino acids. 20. They have a short digestive tract and an acidic stomach. (1998) The Journal of Nutrition 128 (10):1716-1722, Martelli F and Davies RH. Cooked eggs may even help calm your dog's upset stomach. Dogs are well equipped to handle the bacteria in raw foods. What Happens If My Dog Eats Raw Egg? However, you may need to monitor your dog if eggs make up a large part of their diet. Dogs have eaten raw eggs for centuries and the majority have not succumbed to severe disease. Your email address will not be published. Excessive salt intake may lead to salt … Dogs are scavenging carnivores, and it's their carnivorous digestive system that allows them to safely eat raw foods, like meat, bones, and eggs. Dogs should never eat raw or undercooked eggs. Salmonella serovars isolated from table eggs: An overview. We do not use this information to track individuals once they have left the page. My dog's coat is beautiful and I attribute the shiny coat to the nutrients from the eggs. A member of our team will investigate this further. Just Watch These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the First Time, Cat Shaming: Rank These 52 Cats Getting Hilariously Roasted for Their Crimes, Rescue Dog Kratu Plays His Way through Agility Competition and We Are Here for It, 8 Dog Supply Organizers to Declutter Your Pet’s Stuff, Sit Back and Get Cozy With These Dog-Themed Reality Shows, Streaming on HBO Max, Feeding your dog bits of plain boiled egg, Using bits of fully cooked egg as cost-effective training treats. Handle food, water bowls and toys carefully to avoid becoming infected. They may then develop a high temperature, vomiting and diarrhoea. Although it’s a raw, meat-based diet, it may also include cooked grains. (Those that have been treated are marked as pasteurized on the packaging.). Required fields are marked *. Raw diets may also consist of unpasteurized milk, uncooked eggs and raw fruits and vegetables. It has the same health benefits as cooked egg and eating it raw actually makes it easier for your dog to absorb all the nutrients. While raw eggs are known for having mostly the same nutritional value as a cooked egg, they do tend to contain fewer calories and fat than cooked eggs. We will look further at the risk of bacterial contamination. Protein Absorbtion and Other Concerns That’s a 40% difference, and that’s not the only absorption issue with raw eggs. It’s not recommended. Another bacteria, E. coli, may also be involved. A single egg fed infrequently will not cause biotin deficiency (which results in poor skin and coat quality). Cracked and dirty eggs should not be used as the bacterial load may be higher. Since Wally’s a medium size dog, he can have 2 duck eggs per week. It is possible that the egg protein is more digestible when cooked, this was found in one small human study that measured digestibility (1). Learn how your comment data is processed. Dogs most at risk are older dogs and puppies, though even healthy dogs can become infected. Great hub! Tips, stories, and reviews for people who love dogs, powered by, the world's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. ', Ask a vet online - ' Is too many wormer tablets bad for my dog? However, the risk of feeding a raw egg to a healthy dog infrequently is very small. You’ve likely heard plenty of things about the supposed health benefits of raw eggs for humans. Like raw meats, raw eggs can contain bacteria like salmonella. To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. Egg white contains avidin which inhibits the availability of a useful vitamin, biotin (B7). Thank you for your help. Can dogs eat raw eggs? An egg can be a healthy treat, each one providing 60 calories, with 6g or protein and 4 mg of fat. Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. It is because of the raw egg yolk mainly and this also answers people’s questions where they ask whether ‘can dogs eat egg yolk or not’. There are certain advantages of giving raw eggs to dogs, one of them been that of them having a shiny coat. We offer a collection of articles on foods that are healthy or dangerous for dogs to eat, covering everything from grains, fruits, and vegetables. I used to feed my dog a raw egg once in awhile, especially if I had a recipe that called for only egg whites…until he got salmonella and almost died. Just FYI: smaller dogs can have 1 egg per week if you’re feeding duck eggs or chicken eggs, and 2-3 eggs per week if you’re feeding quail eggs.
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