Cabell's Directory-Business Set A directory of academic publications for those seeking to publish in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing; includes contact information, review process, and manuscript specifications. In the e-mail include the reason why you are requesting acceptance rates and the years needed. The name of the editor should be listed on the journal website. Acceptance rates for some journals can be found in this library subscription database. Cabells' Predatory Reports is a paid subscription service featuring a database of deceptive and predatory journals, and a database of "verified, reputable journals", with details about those journals' acceptance rates and invited article percentages. Journalytics gives information about 11,000 journals in 18 broad disciplines. Only a small number of journals list their acceptance rates online. Not all editors will provide acceptance rates. Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities. Both the number of submitted articles and the number of accepted articles are shown, to give a good indication of the size of the journal. Acceptance Rates/Difficulty of Acceptance: The directory includes information on the rates at which the journals accept articles for publication out of the submitted articles. Acceptance rate (or rejection rate) is the ratio of the number of articles submitted to the number of articles published. [N.B: As of 2020, this product has been renamed Predatory Reports.] A journal's acceptance rate may also be found occasionally on the journal's Web site. Some journals … Articles that were withdrawn are not included in this data. Predatory Reports notes journals identified as engaging in deceptive, fraudulent, and/or predatory practices. Cabells Journalytics (formerly Scholarly Analytics) Journalytics provides article submission information for over 11,000 research journals, including analytics such as impact factors and altmetrics scores. American Journal of Distance Education Blind 11 - 20% 8 none none One of the top 14 most rigorous 20% 0 2 0 2. Locating acceptance rates for individual journals or for specific disciplines can be difficult, yet is necessary information for promotion and tenure activities. 1. The site shows details like acceptance rate, review process and time to publication, style guide used, if open access is an option, a long with metrics about the journal’s ranking within applicable fields and the difficulty of acceptance. In June 2020, Cabells changed the name of its whitelist and blacklist to Journalytics and Predatory Reports, respectively. ... "An Updated Randking of Academic Journals in Economics" (2011) Cabell's Directory: Designed to help instructors, students, and researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals. Acceptance Rate: Google Scholar h5-index: PoP h5-index ISI (5 year) Rigor Impact: ... (Academy of Management) 10%; 0 0; 0 0; 1. Currently over 1200 journals, primarily in Educational Technology, Educational Curriculum and Educational Psychology are available within this database but other discipline journals may also be included. The method of calculating acceptance rates varies among journals. A journal can have multiple CCIs if it encompasses multiple disciplines or … Cabells. Cabells Scholarly Analytics includes the impact factor from Journal Citation Reports, the Altmetric score, and its own Cabells classification index (CCI). These rates can be influenced by how many articles are invited, number of articles submitted, prestige, difficulty of the review, etc. A couple of years ago, I published in The Kitchen a review of what was then a new product: Cabell’s Blacklist, a directory of journals that are published using questionable, suspicious, or objectively deceitful and dishonest strategies.The Blacklist was designed to take the place of the controversial … Journal acceptance rates yield important statistical information about the selectivity of a journal. Acceptance Rate. It can measure the selectivity or prestige of a journal, though like many journal metrics, the raw number is not the whole story. Journals with lower article acceptance rates are frequently considered to be more prestigious and more “meritorious”.. There is no single list or database of acceptance rates. E-mail the journal's editor to request the acceptance rates. The CCI is citation-based, using Scopus as its data source where available, to measure influence and quality in a subject area. The percentage of all articles submitted to this journal in a calendar year that was accepted for publication in the same year.
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